Day 18 (11.21.13)

I couldn’t post this in time because I didn’t get home until 1:30am.

Ate breakfast as usual. I made my own Chai Tea Late.

Morning Yoga: Focusing on Backbends and graceful transitions with breath. In the middle of my practice, this lovely woman came over to me to tell me that I have such  beautiful asanas. I love the Y culture so much. This is why I have worked out of a YMCA for almost three years. Try getting a compliment or even an acknowledgement like that in Equinox, I dare you. Another woman came next to me. She prefaced her crow pose by saying how inspiring it was to watch me, she just had to join in.

Lunch: A few grape tomatoes, a small piece of fresh mozzarella and half an avocado.

I spent the afternoon putting together my mother’s enormous Christmas tree. Yes mighty early in the season, but some people just have their ways.

Workout w/ Lauren (the co-host for our new internet show BRASS TACKS) You will all have to check out come January. Slow Goblet Squats 8 x 3, Rower 500 meters x 3, Plank with hip ext. (10) x 3

Curtsey’s with 35 lb DB 10 x 3, Ab roller 10 x 3, Dead lifts on Box 35lb 8 x 3, Pull ups 8x

Dinner @ Whole Foods 7:45 Green Flash Juice (Kale, Green Apple, Lime, w Carrot) Vegetable Barley Soup small and Brussel Sprouts. Mmm.

Went back to parents to go to B Bar, a gay bar in Valhalla and belted out a few tunes in Karyoke.

Probably one of the better times I have had in a while. It totally made up for the fact that I didn’t get too much cardio in.

Songs I sang:

Getting Fit

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