Day 17 (11.20.13)

Good Ole’ Hump Day!

I woke up to an amazing dream of foxes. I had many foxes as pets in my very large yard of my beautiful home, however I spotted one fox with a machete leaving my property and he had beheaded all of my ‘pet’ foxes. He was not a friend of mine. I should tell you that my pet foxes were dressed as china men. My dreams are not politically correct. I am sleeping, what do you want! So they were wearing china beads.. I don’t actually know what these are, but in dream they were black and they each wore straw hats, very much like Rayden from Mortal Kombat. Now, none of this is important, except for the fact that the fox murderer had placed the dead fox heads on top of the dead fox bodies, and I had to inspect them myself and watch them roll off.

Yes, very morbid and terribly amusing

Breakfast@ 5:15 normal oatmeal mix

Cardio Workout: 1/2 hr on Arc Trainer, and a full 15 min on Treadmill. I am getting back to running. Outdoors wasn’t happening today, too cold. Yoga: Hip Openers, rolling waves, and handstand.

Lunch@ 9am I juiced!!! GREEN MONSTER sans ginger. It was tart and made me make a stink face for the first couple of sips, but it got better.

Real Lunch@12:15 A little bit of egg salad and a spinach ball from June & Hoes.

I raced down to the city, but while leaving the gas station I walked by three gentlemen. One of them just kept on saying DAMN. I think he repeated himself three times before one of his friends said, “Oh that’s my wife right there.” But the third guy, he said (About my leg-warmers) “How bout I tell her to pull her socks up?”

I bought an awesome probiotic beverage flavored with strawberry, acai and coconut.

It was delicious, and $3.50. But, well worth it. Today was a day of expensive beverages. Came home and got working on making pastellas with gma. She wrapped up the paper and I tied the string. About a hundred later, we finished by seven.

Dinner@7pm Basil and Leek Omelet with some fresh mozzarella and tomato.

Drinking water right now to finish off today’s gallon. But I am utterly exhausted.

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