Day 15 (11/18/13)

Hey Party People!

Its been 15 days since my initiative and I’ve lost three pounds. I also did TWO workouts today. They were short but fantastic!

Breakfast: Same ole’ same ole’ oatmeal. Sun Warrior Chocolate, why are you so delicious!? Only one scoop though, please. And, also the most perfect mound of peanut butter on a tiny tea spoon. Mixed around with half coconut milk and half almond milk. I have for the first time compared the nutritional facts between unsweetened coconut milk, and the half an half recipe from Almond breeze. There are 3 whole grams of saturated fat less with the Almond breeze. Also, it has way more potassium, albeit more sodium but hey I need that seeing as I don’t put much salt on anything. SO Almond Breeze it is.

I have also fallen in love with what is a new song for me, but its from 2009. I am always the last to know. Folding Chair, Regina Spektor

I had work early but did a workout between two sessions. Workout: Arc Trainer 1/2 hour. Treadmill: 10 min. I am working on increasing my duration. Ten minutes seems to be the max right now before my peroneal tendon starts to say my name. I want to take it to the limits, but not re-injure myself.
Some dumbbell activities, ya know Bicep, Tricep, Lat Raises.
Dips on Roman Chair 10x 2
Bent over Tricep Ext. 10x 2
Cable Crossover 10x 2
Bosu Sit ups 20

I had to go to restaurant for yet another damned tasting. This time we finished the entree part of the menu. Holy Meat. More meat than I have even stood next to with a fork in hand for probably four or five years. I had to taste some of these amazing dishes though, for the sheer fact that I refuse to be one of those people who work at a restaurant yet don’t touch one thing on the menu. This is not how you make great tips,  it certainly isn’t the way to get the bill figure up, and it’s just not good business. I did put a piece of short rib, lamb rib, ox tail, chicken wing, and chicken dumpling, along with some crab, and wait for it peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream in my mouth. But they were small pieces and I am happy to say that the first thing I did when I got home, was run.

Workout 2: I ran for a mile outdoors, at a faster speed than earlier today on the treadmill. I also came home and did a full KB workout. Swings 30x, Snatches 10x, Cleans 10x, Single-armed squat press 10x, Bent over Row 20x, Deadlift super slow 15x, Turkish Get-Ups, 5 each side. All with a 25lb KB.
SkullCrushers with KB 15x, Full sit-ups with KB10x, V-ups w/ 12lb Medicine Ball10x.
Push up alternating sides with MB under palm 10x
Side-v-ups 10x each side. 3 rounds of floor hops 20x followed by Kick-ups 12x. My heart was effing racing by this point.

I slowed things down and did some yoga. I did bow pose for three holds of about twenty seconds. That sucked. LOL Hip Flexor Stretches, Crow, Handstand. I held the handstand for the longest I ever have, and for the first time it felt effortless to do so. This is what getting fit looks like!

I’m not hungry so I just warmed up some water and made tea with one scoop of vega one chai flavor protein powder, with a touch of almond/coconut milk to cool it down. Y’all have a great night.

Getting Fit

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