Day 11 (11/14/13)

Hey All,

I again have missed some entries. Here’s whats new:

I have been waking the regular crack of dawn time, working my sessions with the gusto, but then racing to the city for training for the new restaurant I will be bartending at.

The great news is that it is an awesome new project in Harlem called Park 112. It is located on 112 and Frederick Douglas Blvd. I will let you guys know when it opens and when you can and should come visit me.

But because of this I have been slacking on my daily fitness intentions. Getting home at around nine from having worked a 12/13 hr day does not really leave me with much energy. However, this will not be like this going forward. Training will be over this week and I will be back to my regular schedule, plus the added weekend shifts which will not interrupt as I will start in the afternoon.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with Sun Warrior Chocolate Protein powder, blueberries and water.

Lunch: Two hardboiled eggs (whites only) over a spinach ball from June  & Hoes. They roll up sauteed spinach that is deliciously filled with garlic and sesame seeds.

Dinner: Whole Foods smorgasbord of indian chick peas, cooked spinach, raw kale and spinach as lettuce and a little drizzle of bean soup over the top.

Today’s workout consisted of 1/2 hour on the Arc Trainer. A ten minute run. 3 rounds of 10 push ups followed by 10 jump squats. No breaks. Followed by 3 rounds of TRX triceps (10), KB swings (20), KB snatches (10 each side) and Kick-ups(10).

I don’t have work tomorrow and will be waking early going for a run and then finding a yoga class in the city to take with my friend that is here from Sweden.

I had a great meeting tonight about an up and coming project that I will talk about with you all very soon. I’m excited but it probably won’t roll out until the new year. December has to be dedicated to sending out my manuscript to another 300 agents. This version should be the one!

Getting Fit

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