Day 5 (11/7/13)

Hey Everyone!

Feeling super charged today! Absolutely loving life. And the fact that Kate Nash is playing on Saturday night!!

Woke @ 3:40am.. I wish I knew why. I showered anyway, but that didn’t give me answers. I continued to get ready as normal.

Breakfast@ 4:15 Oatmeal with Sun Warrior Chocolate Scoop, blueberries, and tablespoon of almond butter. Just ran out of that. Have to pay a visit to Whole Foods today. Hopefully this expensive and tasty powder will be on sale, doubtful. I left for work feeling spry, had a few great sessions only to return home. I left the house this morning without my nathan water bottle, and was very thirsty by the time I got home. 1/4 gallon drank.

I got into a conversation on Tuesday regarding drinking too much water. I said please. As if that is the end of the spectrum we are living on, but he came out with this nonsense about drowning one’s organs. He’s right about it being a thing, however my organs are doing just fine.

Second Breakfast@ 9:30  6 oz of Salmon over a bed of arugula salad, which is dunzo. I also added some cabbage and avocado just for fun! I felt more full than usual from this serving of food and think it has to do with the fact that I didn’t have water all morning.

I am pretty sure that today will be a rest day from Cardio. Its been rainy and cold all day. I think I’ll do the dishes, and some fireside yoga. Hells Yes!

Late Lunch/ Dinner @ 4:30 6 oz Salmon, a different batch of arugula salad and some cabbage! I also had some almonds immediately after I finished. These haven’t been the most graceful breaks between meals, but sometimes these things just happen. Keep it lean and green.
On my way home from work this afternoon, a gentleman in his fifties in a white BMW, nearly got smashed by a semi to tell me how beautiful I was. I honestly think he was riding along just to make sure, because I saw the initial shock and then confirmation. He made sure to tell me and say bye when he got of for 684. Something about this new regime is working. LOL

I’ve been listening to The Oh Hello’s. Awesome music.

I love you cruel world. If I didn’t venture inside to get away from you, I probably wouldn’t have noticed how beautiful it is in here.

Before Bed @ 8pm Vega One Chai Tea. just hot water over protein powder.

Getting Fit

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