Day 4 (11/6/13)

I thought I was going to crack last night and have a bit of a hard boiled egg or a handful of almonds when I got in round 11:30, but I did not!

The concert was cool, but the openers were much more lively than the head and the heart. —- AMAZING – ALSO GOOD.

5:25 Woke this morning three minutes before alarm. Fed dogs and myself.
Breakfast : one cup of oatmeal, 1 scoop of sun warrior chocolate powder, handful of blueberries and a tablespoon of almond butter, mixed around with half almond milk half water. Yes eaten cold.
6:15 My 6:30 appointment texted to cancel. I went to the gym anyway.

Warmup: foam roll for a few minutes.
Workout: 7- 8am
1. Rolling waves, plank to down dog slow with a cat back. 5 full front and back.
2. Mt. Climbers. 50 count only r leg 3x
3. Slow prone knee tucks with ext rotation at hip. 10x 3x
4. BB deadlifts 10x (95,110) 3x
5. Pull ups- super slow unassisted. (6,5,5)
——Run through 1-5 for three rounds as fast as possible.
1. Valsides curtesy lunge with 26.2 kettlebell held upside down, with bent elbows. 10 x2. I don’t own valslides, I just use a rag on the floor. It works just fine trust me.
2. Push ups 12x
3. Decline bench, slow knee tucks w/ hold 5 seconds out and 5 seconds in. 5x
4. Decline bench, leg lifts with kick ups. ( leave the whole bench but only elevating feet over hips. Not head!)
——run through 1- 4 3x

Cardio finish : 8-8:25
swam as many laps as I could for 30 minutes, but I am not a great swimmer and so sadly I stopped after ten. Completely winded. Goggles fogging up.
1/2 gallon of water.

Lunch: Three hard boiled eggs, only 1 yolk. Shoulders sore, not sure now if it’s from snatches on Monday or swimming.

Yoga : 1pm – 3pm
Justin came over for some yoga fun.
Hip openers for that long. I’m still walking a bit differently, but definitely worth it.
Bent knee down dog, Lizard, pigeon, double pigeon( I hate you), wide legged forward fold.

Second lunch: 3:30pm
A large serving of arugula salad. Tomatoes celery walnuts tomatoes and a little feta cheese.

I don’t think I’ve eaten enough today.
Note: it may have been the caffeine from my new chai tea as the other chai did not have such levels. I may have to water this down a bit more, but try not to sacrifice the flavor. I didn’t feel badly, I just know that I should have consumed more
Calories. Also at one point, I drove to stop and shop to get something, but had to come back home for my wallet. Lol

Dinner : 6:30pm Salmon, oh yes! Chili powder, soy, siracha, and I found some cumin in this house. Decadent. Over what looks like the second to last serving of this colorful arugula salad. Will have to make more tomorrow.
7pm : 6 almonds. Roasted and salted. Would have been better if they were sprouted. 😉

Getting fit!

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