The First Two Minutes

Are always the hardest.

This post is for my friend Tina and anyone else that wonders why they don’t love working out, or think about it as a priority everyday.

There’s nothing wrong with you. And those people that post inspirational quotes, pictures, or the best of all self made videos of their workouts is to keep them going. They found what works for them. Now it’s your turn.

Heres a News Flash: No one wants to work out and the first two minutes are always going to be the hardest.

Today I woke up in what really is the middle of the night, busted out a few sessions and was done by 8:30am. Exhausted I went to the locker room to change for a workout of my own, even though I had nearly talked myself into doing it later.

I laid down on the locker bench with my head propped up on my bag futzing around with my iPhone: first horoscopes, because that burns fat. Pah! And then this great gardening book.. Closing my eyes for a second, the thought of spring turned to summer and then the beach. I jumped up, got changed, and began what was an incredible hour of high intensity training.

Getting Fit is not listening to the procrastinating words from your lazy body.

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