Re-Defining Body Building

Redefining Body Building.

Most people think of Body Builders as hulk like images with crispy orange skin, protruding veins, but why isn’t ‘Body-Building’ just doing what it takes to build one’s body?

We add to everything else that humans develop.

A house, we give it a pool.

A yard, we give it a garden.

A car, we buy custom add-ons.

Why don’t we consider our body one of these things? Our bodies are not born perfect.

Our shoulders roll forward, hips turn out, our lower back hurts, and we walk around all day with tight muscles that restrict normal range of motion.

It baffles me how people would buy a car or a house they would take care of day and night, accessorizing and upgrading, but when it comes to joints in their legs, the only two legs they are given, the answer is surgery, or replacement, and without the bat of the eye. Wellness is insurance for you – not your material wealth.


Are we that consumed with ‘things’ that we consider ourselves to have the same affects a toy or piece of machinery would?

Our bodies can do remarkable things, it only takes a little will.

Would you fill your yacht with Ethanol?

Nooooo, so why do we disregard how important our own fuel is?

And you wouldn’t cut corners when taking care of these luxury items,

Is it hard to make/eat healthy meals every time? Sure. But the satisfaction of knowing that you’re taking care of yourself is worth every minute.


One who is actively listening and responding to the needs of their body;

Body builders take preventative action against potential health risks by keeping an active lifestyle, and challenging their mind and body.

Their goal is to have complete body awareness to move efficiently without compensation and/or pain.


*Side Effects: Lightness, increased energy, prolonged smile, temporary muscle soreness, and increased appetite.

If you build it, it will come.

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